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Don't Let Clutter in any part of your life get the best of you. What is one man's trash can be someone else's treasure!

You want to downsize right-size, redecorate, sell your house, rent your cottage?

Clutter Controls! is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses bring order and efficiency. Our mission is to conquer clutter and chaos which will increase your productivity and decrease your stress. We can organize your belongings, space or lives.

Services Include:

Down-size, right-size

Packing and moving

Selling your “treasures” or collectibles

Hauling away unwanted items, furniture, etc.

Re-arranging for best use of space

Staging your home for sale or rent

DUKS! Donate, Unload, Keep Sell

The list is endless! Don’t feel overwhelmed, if you have Clutter Blindness, Clutter Controls is here for you! Talk to an expert, give us a call and let’s sort this out…..

Local references available.

Call us today for an initial consultation!

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