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Dump the Clutter Room By Room

Here are some suggestions for things to throw out room by room. I happen to keep a hefty bag in my closets for such an occasion!


Old, unused appliances, broken unused dishes, old unused cookbooks.

My husband assumes if he can't find something, I sold it at a yard sale (He usually is right)

Cracked or chipped dishes I ususally use as decor on a shelf..... depending of course, on the color!

Cookbooks: What are they?

Banana Peels ( just checking to make sure you are paying attention


Outdated,cans/boxes/jars, Opened/stale snacks, Nearly emptycontainers

Orphaned plastic lids

Stuff you really hate

spare crumbs

Dining Room

Stained linens, Broken art/craft,supplies,“Art”

Old newspapers

New newspapers

any newspapers!

No gadgets

really worn down candles

Next: Living Areas

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