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Staging for sales or rentals

Without having to pay for an expensive professional stager, I can help with rearranging and de-cluttering what you already own. From Rearranging books and furniture to making sure there is not too much on kitchen counters and not too many refrigerator magnets!

Current Pictures

I will make sure your current listing does not have the wrong season advertised in your pictures. I can continue to change and upload as needed.

Downsizing Services

Your kids don't want your old record player. What is collectible to one may be trash to another. I can decide whether items could be sold, yard "saled," good willed, dumped.

DUKS: Donate, unload, keep, sell.

I have many sites where I sell things. I can set sites up for you or I can sell your things. Who knows, I sometimes buy your things outright!

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