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Administrative Support

Very happy with the out come! Had clutter control fix my quick books. Also some marketing. Diana is fast and punctual with her work

Jake 2017

One of the best moves I have made this year is to hire Clutter Controls and, specifically, Sharlene. She is a fabulous, articulate, hard-working professional. Sharlene went through YEARS of old paperwork (some personal and some business-related) and -- without flinching! -- organized it very, very quickly. It was a project that made me shudder, and she responded as if it were a breeze. A real treat: she took things to be shredded, to be donated, to be given to collectors, and I didn't have to worry about it. I am trying to find new projects because I just feel better knowing I can explain what needs to be done; just having her here in the house makes me feel as if I am accomplishing a LOT all at once. I recommend Sharlene with confidence and without the slightest hesitation. PS -- Sharlene has a great sense of humor too...

Sandy H . July 2017

Web Site Design

Took all our ideas and made sense of them

"Diana created a website and presence for our scholarship fund. We started with ideas and she brought them to life. Far exceeded out wildest dreams. Now manages our website and Facebook page keeping them all up to date. Highly recommend her services."

John F May 2017


"I hired Clutter Controls to help de-clutter and organize our attic and garage. Sharlene Hemp was AMAZING.....It was the best decision I could have ever made. She was kind and very understanding and kept the focus on "do you want or use it"? She was very knowledgeable about what to keep, what to toss, what can be sold, and where to donate items. This was important because such decisions kept me from tackling these kind of projects in the past. Sharlene worked so quickly that both very large areas were done in 3 days. I would highly recommend this business to anyone overwhelmed by their clutter or just in need of some guidance with organization."

Maria M. Apr. 2017

Home Staging

Efficient apartment downsizing

"Diana handled our project with skill and care. She was a pleasure to work with."

Bob J Oct. 2016

Office Organizing

Thanks for the note! I'm working in my new/old office and I'm happy as a pig in shit! And I can eat at my dining room table again! Best of all, I took a nap and woke up with tons of ideas - the best one is to work at my desk, files in place (THANK YOU GOD AND DIANA!!)

Love my new files and clean desk!

That was fun - Lets do that again next month!!!!

Joan NA Aug 2016


Thank you so much for coming over yesterday! It feels good to finally be moving forward and getting rid of stuff. I am going to search for organizers. I plan on doing my homework that you gave me and going through those boxes. I really can't thank you enough. You have helped break it down to smaller more manageable.

Andrea W July 2016


Diana was wonderful in helping me tackle the 'scary' places in my home, those areas I just didn't dare try to organize on my own! When I come home from a long day at work, I no longer feel the stress of clutter! Everything has a place.

Deborah K. June 2016

In October of 2015 I hired Clutter Controls to help me with a very serious clutter problem. Diana was a whirlwind. She helped me discard a huge amount or clutter by donating or discarding and organizing what I chose to keep. More importantly, helped me understand the process of learning to make good decisions. This was especially important around items(a lot) that I had emotional ties to. She also showed me how to properly categorize items as they were sorted so that they were grouped by their ultimate destination, which made them easier to put in the proper places. She also suggested several ways that I could use my current furnishings to show a room at its best.

I hired Diana again in March 2016 when it was necessary for me to move from a very large two-bedroom townhouse with full basement to a very much smaller two-bedroom apartment with a limited amount of storage. With her help I was able to discard or donate many other items that were really unnecessary to the smaller quarters, but that I of course wanted to keep. Her earlier teaching about dealing with emotional ties to items came into play once again, and I really began to recognize the patterns that had always caused me problems. l don’t think my move would have been as successful as it was without her help.

When I have lived in my new space for a while and settled in a bit, I intend to hire her again to help me with furniture arrangements and , maybe, a little more downsizing because, finally, I am beginning to enjoy things being organized. I am starting to recognize my patterns when shopping, so that I make better decisions about what to buy. Many, many thanks, Diana.

Sharon F May 2016

Diana is a hard worker and had some great functional storage ideas. She had a knack for finding a spot for all of my stuff. It was a great start to my organizing project!

Ann W September 2015

I couldn't be happier to have found you and do plan to have you help me continue on with my messes. Sharon P August 2015

Wonderful person to work with and very organized and

and informative. Many creative ideas to resolve my space issues ."

Susan I July 2015

I really don't know how you do it. How do you remember so many little details? Bruce November 2015

Diana was a wonderful help when we recently had to downsize for an unexpected move. I'm one who wants to recycle everything. Not only did Diana help with making hard choices, she was ready with suggestions for where to find new homes for things.

I've always admired the attractiveness of Diana's home and her decorating sense. When it came to staging our house for sale, she came up with simple ideas I never would have dreamed of. Diana is one multi-talented person!

Deb R. May, 2015

My parents were thrilled. My best friend and I spent all night Monday and all day Tuesday working on the room and it came out AWESOME! Thanks so much for your help.

I'll try again tomorrow, but thank you again so much.

Katherine B .July 2015 

We were quoted a fee for the consultation which was the best price anywhere. Some suggestions were spot on . She is best suited for rearranging and decluttering. I'll consider using her again. Very pleasant!

Ellen G

Diana has been shopping and decorating for me since 1988 - and she's... still not done. Her homes have always been showplaces. Can't wait to see how she finishes my cottage at Seaglass!

- Becci B. June 2015

Diana worked with me on my remodeling project. I didn't know where start! She helped me pick out my color palette, bathroom fixtures, vanity, and other decorative accessories. What a big help! She got me from crazed to focused and ready to go in no time!!!

- Trisha E. May 2015

Diana truly builds business relationships by offering her knowledge, wit and by going the extra mile for her customers. As a former colleague I was impressed with her dedication and professionalism that to this day continues to separate her from the pack of talking head salespeople.

- Rene B

I have worked with Diana since 2007 in her capacity as an on line training account representative. Diana’s communication skills and attention to detail while working issues, researching training materials or solving problems has been outstanding. Diana is a true professional.

Her attention to detail, timeliness in resolving issues provides customers a feeling of satisfaction because of her personal attention to each problem or demand requested of her. Diana does not just try to sell you any type of training but researches and digs into the training that best fits your business. She cares about the quality of the customer’s training program.

I would recommend Diana’s services to any company and feel assured that she would give her all to set up a well-designed on line training program with the best selection of courses required for that customer.

It would be my pleasure to visit in person or over the phone about Diana’s qualities.

John McCann

Retired: Transystems

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